The following list includes case studies produced by Alliance leaders, staff, and others on topics related to past and current initiatives. For more information on any of the following, contact us at

A Call to Serve: Impacting Education Through Board Service
Prepared for Education Working Group
Chair: Jack Maguire, Maguire Associates
Coordinator: Sean Gallagher, Program Director & Senior Research Analyst, Eduventures 

The Commonwealth Readiness Project: Bringing Together Business, Education, Government, and Community Leaders to Strategically Shape Education Policy
Prepared for the Education Working Group: A case study on Paul Sagan, CEO, Akamai Technologies, and his involvement with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Readiness Project, along with other Readiness Project Leaders
Chair: Tom Dretler, President & CEO, Eduventures, Inc.
Coordinator: Sean Gallagher, Director & Senior Analyst, Eduventures, Inc. 

Turning the Corner in Housing & Community Development: How Great Leadership is Working for “Smart Growth” Housing

Responsible Property Investment – Olmsted Green: A Public-Private Partnership
Prepared for Housing & Economic Development Working Group
Moderator: Kirk A. Sykes, President, Urban Strategy America Fund
Coordinator: Richard C. Walker III, Vice President and Community Affairs Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

History of Parcel 24: A look at Jeremy Liu and the Asian Community Development Corporation
Prepared for the Housing & Economic Development Working Group
Chair: Kirk Sykes, President, USA Funds
Coordinator: Richard Walker, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Impact of Buildings on the Environment
By Bryan J. Koop, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, Boston Properties
October 2007, Developed for Energy & Environment Working Group

Meeting a Global Challenge: Increasing Energy Access and Affordability Through a Multiple-Bottom Line Business Philosophy and University-Linked Entrepreneurship
Prepared for Energy & Environment/Education Working Group
Moderator: Mitchell G. Tyson, CEO, Advanced Electron Beams
Coordinators: Roger M. Freeman, Managing Director, Citizens Energy & Sean R. Gallagher, Direction & Senior Analyst, Eduventures, Inc. 

The Key Roles that Shaped Landmark Energy and Environmental Public Policy Initiatives in Massachusetts
Prepared for the Energy and Environment Working Group; focused on the role that progressive business leaders played in shaping and supporting recent clean energy legislation in Massachusetts. The following is a composite of the New England Clean Energy Council, the leaders who helped form the council, and the important role that collaboration played in shaping energy and environment public policy initiatives that include the Green Communities Act, the Green Jobs Act, and the Global Warming Solutions Act.
Chair: Mitchell Tyson, CEO, Advanced Electron Beams
Coordinator: Roger Freeman, Managing Director, Citizens Energy Corporation

Case Study: Geoff Mackay, President and CEO, Organogenesis
Prepared for Life Sciences Working Group

Business Leadership and Public Leadership: Driving Massachusetts Health Care Reform
Prepared for Health Care Working Group
Chair: Jim Roosevelt, President & CEO, Tufts Health Plan 
Coordinator: Valerie Fleishman, COO, New England Healthcare Institute 

Federal Funding For Biomedical Research and Its Impact on Innovation
Prepared for Life Sciences/Healthcare Working Groups
Moderator: Jim Roosevelt Jr., President & CEO, Tufts Health Plan
Coordinator: Valerie Fleishman, Executive Director, New England Healthcare Institute 

Health and Wellness Programs- Boosting a Company’s Bottom Line
Prepared for the Health Care/Life Sciences Working Groups; a look at public and private sector initiatives to promote health and wellness programs, highlighting Tony Zook, President & CEO, AstraZeneca.
Chairs: Joshua Boger, President and CEO, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and James Roosevelt, Jr., President and CEO, Tufts Health Plan
Coordinators: Brian Carey, Partner, Foley Hoag, and Valerie Fleishman, COO, New England Healthcare Institute