Phil Edmundson, Alliance Chair and CEO of William Gallagher Associates

In the first quarter of 2014, Alliance Leaders appeared in public forums and in Op-eds throughout Massachusetts and met repeatedly with top state and national policy-makers. Those policy-makers and experts are agreed: little can better help the cause of greater shared responsibility than business leaders publicly explaining the associated business benefit.  

Warren 300 w

Senator Warren (D-MA)

Select Alliance Leaders including David Belluck, Jeff Bussgang, Tom Dretler, Diane Hessan, Kip Hollister, Linda Moulton, Paul Sagan and Alliance Chair Phil Edmundson (and dozens more) are taking our perspective about what benefits the best in business to DC.  They look forward to visiting Senators Markey, Warren and others including Senate Small Business Committee Chair Landrieu.

Markey 300 w

Senator Markey (D-MA)

They are assembling in the U.S. Senate complex under the theme of Growth Economy Leaders For Higher Standards. Through focused, facilitated, small group discussions with relevant top national policy-makers, they will examine the role of innovation leaders in business in developing higher standards for greater shared responsibility in a changing economy.

Landrieu 300 w

Senator Landrieu (D-LA)

They will discuss three areas within which higher standards are developing.  Lunch will featuring relevant business leaders and policy-makers discussing the past and future role of ethically motivated business leaders in the expansion of Access to Healthcare. They will then break into smaller groups for similar discussions with relevant Senators and staff regarding Workforce Development and the cross-sectors transition to a Cleaner Economy. At the closing reception, each group will report on tasked to be completed prior to our Alliance’s CEO Summit in Boston in October.

Our Alliance’s annual visit to the U.S. Senate elicits a remarkable response from top national policy-makers. This response underscores the critical, still largely unmet need for forward looking, science respecting business leaders to step forward and help explain the business benefit of greater shared responsibility.  And how our increasingly global, knowledge-based, economy requires higher standards for the U.S. to lead globally.