Today Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made a major address on the state’s strategy on renewable energy. His speech is here on the website of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council, which organized the event. His main points were:
  • We have a generational responsibility to get this right.
  • We have the talent and infrastructure to create new technologies, products, services through business and public-private partnerships
  • The legislation and public frameworks are designed to create market signals and level playing fields so that cities and towns, private enterprise and individual/family choices can determine their own energy future.
  • He continues to back Cape Wind, and wants to see a bill from the legislature this session strengthening the statutes that created the state’s energy efficiency, renewable energy, green jobs and economic development goals in the energy area.
  • As a former oil executive, he is tired of hearing about the failed public investments in Evergreen Solar and Solendra given that oil companies get massive public subsidies and quite often drill dry wells that yield no oil. 
  • Government has a role to play in working with business, our universities and the talent of our people to shape our future.
Numerous Alliance members were among those gathered for the address, held at Boston clean tech company FastCAP, where President and CEO, Dr. Riccardo Signorelli is leading the development of “superbatteries” for electric and hybrid cars. The Alliance issued the following statement in response to Governor Patrick’s remarks:
The over 150 business leaders of the Alliance for Business Leadership applaud the ambitious call to action issued by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to make Massachusetts the undisputed renewable energy leader in the United States.

We reiterate the support of the Alliance for Cape Wind and its power purchase agreement with NStar. Business knows that expanding our renewable domestic energy supply is great for the economy.

The Alliance urges the state legislature to strengthen the state’s Green Communities Act. There are bills ready to be finished and sent to the Governor and we want to see that work done. There are efforts in states across the country to create similar incentives and benchmarks, and to foster new public-private partnerships. We applaud the idea that our energy and environmental challenges can be met and turned to great advantages that contribute to quality of life and prosperity for all.

Alliance business leaders share the load and are dedicated to innovation in every aspect of their private enterprises. Progress will come from investment in product and process innovations, new practices that drive results, and active partnership with government at every level.