Apple joined a recent trend of major players breaking with the US Chamber of Commerce over its opposition to US government attempts to address climate change. The details are still coming in but the basics are here. As well, Newsweek’s Dan Gross writes this week about the new progressive CEOs who are not easily pegged as left or right, but who see this issue and their responsibility to lead differently than their peers do. Dan’s piece is here – and he calls it “Corner Office Converts.”

PBLN’s Board of Directors recently adopted a position in support of climate change legislation that is at least as robust as what is found in the so-called Waxman-Markey bill that passed the House this summer.

The entire PBLN position statement on the issue will be posted here shortly. These issues will be given a good workout at PBLN’s November 20th Summit on Business Leadership and Public Policy by a panel moderated by Mitch Tyson, CEO of Advanced Electron Beams and Board Member of the New England Clean Energy Council. It will be interesting to see at the Summit how many CEOs and Executives indicate the desire to line up with Apple, as well as Nike and others. These mega-brand companies certainly get attention to the issue when they take this kind of leadership step.