Boston Herald, Letters to the Editor, 5/12/16

I was disappointed to see the current dynamic between the governor and attorney general characterized as a “spat” in a recent Herald headline (“Pipeline spat flows to SJC,” May 6).

This conflict isn’t about two politicians, or even really about the related court case. At its heart, it is about Massachusetts potentially missing the opportunity to maximize its embrace of clean energy, and to both meet our state’s energy needs and help grow our economy, because of a misguided focus on a natural gas pipeline.

The clean energy industry is maturing at an incredible rate. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center reports that it has grown 64 percent in the past five years — and is poised for even greater growth.

The Union of Concerned Scientists says a diversified energy portfolio of renewable energy sources would assist with combating spikes in natural gas prices, cut our carbon emissions and offer economic benefits.

The conversation about our energy needs isn’t a “spat.” It is a serious debate about our values, our economy and our shared future.


Sebastian Zapata, 
Program Director, Alliance for Business Leadership