The Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN) is emerging as a new voice and new force for innovation and engagement among CEOs and top business leaders. PBLN business leaders represent diverse sectors, backgrounds and business models. The aim of PBLN is to help “invent a more sustainable economy” that fosters economic growth, lasting and shared prosperity and social and environmental justice. This ambition requires business leaders to engage in a new way with each other and with shapers of public policy around the challenges of our times. There is no time for “business as usual.” We bring progressive business leaders together with their peers and with shapers of public policy from government, think-tanks and academia. As a result, CEOs, top officers and other business leaders find their own ways of contributing to the development of progressive public policies and thoughtful public-private partnerships.

PBLN has an agenda for change that we fully intend to share for the education of our business communities, policy makers and the general public. We believe “progressive” means supporting ideas that are backed by research, data and insight that run ahead of conventional wisdom. We believe sustainable means fostering economic growth that brings shared and lasting prosperity and also advances social and environmental justice. We measure our success by our impact on those individuals who participate, and by our impact on the world around us.

You can expect to read in this space about issues and people that are driving a progressive approach to  to public policy and business practices. We want to highlight examples of leadership, innovation and progress in order to inspire entrepreneurs and executives, investors and inventors to make contributing to the development of thoughtful public policy their business. Join us at the PBLN Summit at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston on November 20th called “Business Leadership and Public Policy: Inventing a More Sustainable Economy.” Details are available at

Please feel free to let us know what you think, and how you would like to participate by commenting here or emailing On behalf of our Board of Directors, Officers, members and sponsors, thank you for your interest in PBLN.