Alliance Chair Phil Edmundson Addresses Governor, Committee Chairs Citizens & Press at Signing of MA Minimum Wage Law
I write to update you on the first half on 2014.  Our Alliance for Business Leadership achieved unprecedented levels of engagement and impact over the last six months because of the leadership of more than two hundred CEOs, Managing Partners and investors allied in helping invent a more just and sustainable society.  These leaders participated in Alliance events and/or made their 2014 tax deductible donation to our Alliance. As a result, our Alliance offered a new voice of business in critical debates that will ultimately shape our markets in Massachusetts and throughout the U.S.  Through dozens of CEOs and investors that our Alliance enabled to speak privately and publicly, our Alliance offered a very rare business voice that spoke to the need for higher standards and greater shared responsibility in an increasingly global, knowledge-based, economy.  Often, ours was the only business voice in favor of the higher, shared standards needed to advance us towards a more just and sustainable society.

Let me share three telling vignettes:

1)  Alliance Chair Phil Edmundson addressing the Governor, Committee Chairs, experts and activists at the signing of the highest state minimum wage law in the U.S., which provided a long-due raise to 600,000 MA working men and women.

2)  More than 140 CEOs and leaders across sectors and the public-private divide meeting at MIT to begin to collaborate with Mayor Walsh and Governor Patrick in Clearing The Path for at least 20% of women on boards by 2020 and gender equity in pay at work.

3)  Dozens of interested Alliance Leaders meeting with dozens of top policy-makers on both Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill on business leaders’ role in advancing higher standards in healthcare, workforce development and our necessary move to a more sustainable economy. 

All three underscore one fact.  Our Alliance for Business Leadership is increasingly recognized as a potentially game-changing new voice business.  One that speaks to the need for greater leadership from business in an age of reduced social mobility and the organized denial of climate change.  Our Alliance for Business Leadership is beginning to demonstrate that those adding terrific jobs in the U.S. are willing to explain why higher standards and greater shared responsibility can be great for business in a changing economy.

Your support will determine whether our Alliance for Business Leadership can continue to support you and others in leading in and beyond our businesses and industry towards a more just and sustainable society. 

Please go to  today to make your tax-deductible 2014 contribution as an Alliance Leader.  Together, we will demonstrate in an all-too-cynical age that business leaders can provide much-needed leadership for our common good. Thank you for your leadership.  

Respectfully –  Jim Boyle, President, Alliance for Business Leadership; CEO & Chairman, Sustainability Roundtable, Inc.

CEOs at Clearing the Path

Save the Date:

Eighth Annual Fall CEO Summit – Sustainable Business: Growing Markets, Growing Margins

Join leading CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors along with top city, state and national policy-makers in Boston October 22nd for the Alliance for Business Leadership’s eighth annual CEO Summit. The CEO Summit on Sustainable Business will examine how New England and the U.S. can lead the world in the move towards more sustainable high performance in business. This peer-to-peer CEO Summit will once again bring together scores of leading innovation CEOs and investors across sectors and the public-private divide to begin collaborationsfocused on Sustainable Strategies, Investments, Practices, Products & Policies. 2014 Alliance and Participating Leaders will be invited to serve as Hosts for this CEO Summit.

Left: Alliance’s Clearing the Path event on women in business leadership, June 11

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