Gasson and Rosenberg

David Gasson, VP, Boston Capital Corp., and Senate Majority Leader Rosenberg

With the current Massachusetts State Senate President stepping down from that post at the end of this session, all eyes are on Senator Stan Rosenberg of the Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester district, who is expected to assume the responsibilities of Senate President. 

At a gathering hosted by Alliance Board member David Gasson in his offices at Boston Capital Corporation, interested Alliance leaders had an opportunity to hear Senator Rosenberg’s vision for a more inclusive and democratic Massachusetts.

Alliance leaders and Leader Rosenberg share concerns about growing income inequality, and also excitement about Massachusetts’ growing leadership in a changing national and global economy.

Another theme of the discussion was what the Alliance can do to help promote valuable and meaningful partnerships between the state and the private sector to solve problems which affect every citizen.

Alliance leaders are energized by the prospect of working with Leader Rosenberg and the entire Massachusetts State Senate in its next session as our Alliance advances its mission to empower business leaders allied in helping invent a more just and sustainable society.