Markey, Edmundson, others, websizeMassachusetts has been the land of innovation and business growth since early days, Senator Ed Markey told the assembled business leaders and investors at the Alliance’s Fall CEO Summit.  From the whaling industry to biotech, the commonwealth has led the nation in technological advances which grow local businesses while improving the standard of living for everyone in the nation.

It doesn’t happen by accident, the senator pointed out.  The government most definitely has a role.  Senator Markey has consistently worked at the state and national level to promote a stable business and regulatory environment which encourages innovation and rewards businesses whose growth will benefit everyone.  Markey pointed to Governor Patrick’s emphasis on fostering green industries in Massachusetts, which has led to the burgeoning of these businesses and an increase in jobs which contribute both to business growth and community improvement.  It’s a case of government setting the stage and participating in Shared Value Creation.

Policy-makers need the involvement of business for this dynamic relationship to go forward in the right direction. There are those in Washington who think banishing government from the business environment is the goal. But the Massachusetts experience shows that government’s best role in the economy is the conscious creation of policies that support and encourage forward thinking and that harness the creative power of capitalism to address social needs.

The vision and experience of business leaders is a necessary ingredient to the creation of good public policy — and that’s where the Alliance comes in.  Alliance leaders look forward to working with Senator Markey as he begins his new role in Congress.  Together we can help to invent a more just and sustainable society.