A core belief of the Alliance is that innovation and technological advances are key to solving the problems facing our country, a view championed by Dr. Darrell West, Director for the Center for Technological Innovation and Vice President and Director of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. (Note: West is among the speakers at our upcoming CEO Summit in Washington, DC, June 13; see more here)

In the video below, West cautions that while the United States has long led the world in technological innovation, we are slowly becoming eclipsed by a number of countries in Asia. Both the private and public sector need to invest in the development and widespread application of new technology in order maintain America’s global economic competitiveness.

In the private sector, new technology has been unleashed and driven business development, market expansion and economic growth. West argues that the public sector has lagged behind in this area, even though new technology can lead to political and social innovation. Indeed, the road to smarter, more effective and more efficient government may be shorter than we think, if we are able to harness the power of technology.

We look forward to discussing the challenges and opportunities to growing the innovation economy with Dr. Darrell West when he speaks at our CEO Summit in Washington, DC, “Charting a Path for Jobs and Growth in America” on June 13. We hope you will join us.