A quick update on the CEO Summit in progress in Washington, DC, by Audra Tafoya, Alliance Resource Development Manager.

The air was buzzing with excitement last night as the Alliance for Business Leadership gathered at the opening dinner of the 5th Annual CEO Summit on Capitol Hill. As members filed in, old friends re-connected and new friends were introduced.  Discussions around the cocktail reception revolved around Alliance initiatives, particularly health promotion and workforce development.  

Once members were seated at their tables,Alliance Chair Tom Dretler welcomed guests and introduced the Alliance Leadership Commitment.  Jim Roosevelt then spoke about leadership, as he introduced Senator John Kerry.  Senator Kerry’s speech hit at the heart of what the Alliance is in DC to do – to show leadership.  As Senator Kerry said, there is a cloud of partisanship hanging over Washington.  He called on Alliance members to show leadership by making their voices heard in pushing forward important, common sense solutions to the biggest problems facing society.  

During discussions, Jeff Bussgang pointed out that bi-partisanship is not impossible – especially when driven by business leaders.  The JOBs Act that was passed in December was an incredible bi-partisan effort, that was pushed in large part by business leaders, including Alliance members Jeff Bussgang and Tim Rowe

This morning, the Alliance is gathered at The Reserve Officers Association on Capitol Hill.  Executive Director Andy Tarsy reinforced those points that make the Alliance unique – our Leadership Commitment and our desire to twin innovation in business business with innovation in government.  Our CEOs and business leaders are now getting organized and ready to make their voices heard on the Hill.  Soon, Todd Park – White House CTO will be joining us to discuss the White House’s efforts to move government innovation forward.