Scott GriffithScott Griffith, long-time Zipcar CEO and alternative transportation visionary, faced many nay-sayers as he led the startup to a successful IPO and ultimately a buyout.  The business community couldn’t believe Americans would ever trade in their personal cars in favor of renting by the hour.

At the Alliance’s Annual CEO Summit, Scott told a tale of identifying a business opportunity by focusing on a social problem so endemic that many doubted it could ever be solved: too many cars in the city, too much pollution in the air, and too much household income spent on transportation.  And while the complete solution is still a ways off, Zipcar has illuminated a path to get there.  The potential of the “sharing economy,” both in improving customers’ lifestyles and in taking cars off the road, has only just begun to reveal itself.  

The story turns a corner with the purchase of Zipcar by Avis Budget (NASDAQ: CAR), proving the nay-sayers wrong as a giant of the traditional rental business recognizes Zipcar’s tremendous potential upside and commits itself to car-sharing as part of the future.

Learn more about Zipcar’s success by viewing Scott’s presentation to the Alliance summit.

Zipcar's Impact