Boston Herald, Letters to the Editor, 11/8/16

Welcome to Boston, GE! The news about the MBTA’s recent Orange Line fiasco (Smoldering Orange Line car comes amid T’s slow spending 10/27/16), brought to mind General Electric’s recent high-profile move to Boston.

Images of terrified passengers climbing out of train windows were featured in newscasts across the country. Not exactly the message we’re looking to send to all of those CEOs we are hoping will follow GE’s lead and set up shop here in Massachusetts. I can’t imagine that the specter of employees arriving to work late and reeking of smoke because of another failure of our outdated and underfunded public transit system is a stellar recruitment tool.

We have to face facts: our transportation system’s sorry state holds our economy back. For existing Massachusetts businesses to continue to grow they need to have access to safe, reliable infrastructure. The same goes for businesses looking to start in or expand into the Commonwealth.

GE is already here. To make sure they have plenty of company, and our economic growth continues, we must invest in transportation. Otherwise, images like the ones we saw from the Orange Line will essentially announce that Massachusetts is closed for business.

Sebastian Zapata
Program Director
The Alliance for Business Leadership