The Alliance for Business Leadership is a non-partisan coalition of CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders at all levels who have one thing in common: we believe that social responsibility and the sustainable growth of the Massachusetts economy go hand in hand.

The Alliance for Business Leadership focuses on four key areas that we believe most directly impact economic inequality and social mobility in Massachusetts today.

Think of us as your personal concierge for civic engagement on the issues that are most important to you related to economic inequality and social mobility. Do you care deeply about the future of transportation in the Commonwealth, but don’t have a lick of free time to follow what’s going on? We’ve got you. We go to all the meetings, keep an eye on what’s moving and when, and let you know when and where to plug in. Do you have a passion for clean energy, workplace diversity, or other ways to create opportunity for people? We’ll do the work behind the scenes, allowing you to make the maximum impact for a minimal investment of your valuable time.


Few issues impact inequality like transportation. A recent study named commuting time as the single biggest factor in an individual’s ability to be upwardly mobile. Across the Commonwealth, our transportation system is in crisis. Our crumbling infrastructure limits people’s access to opportunity, hurts businesses and the economy, and is bad for the environment. ABL educates and engages business leaders on transportation through interactive workshops, 1:1 meetings, media strategies, and more.

Most notably, ABL took a group of business leaders to Mexico City to explore their Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and examine whether the same could also work to eliminate some of the traffic congestion plaguing our city streets.


Have you lost out on talent because they couldn’t afford to live in our area, within a reasonable distance of the office? You aren’t alone. In addition to being a moral imperative and essential to addressing issues of inequality, housing for the workers of Massachusetts is increasingly becoming a problem for the business community in this tight talent market, and ABL is at the forefront of plugging business leaders in around this important issue.

By giving members access to policy experts, a deep understanding of the complex history around housing policy, and working to make the case externally that housing is key to the future of the business community, ABL is leading the way on housing in the Commonwealth.

Workplace Opportunities

It is impossible to address economic opportunity and social mobility without addressing opportunity in the workplace. ABL has been a leader on important issues including board diversity, the minimum wage, earned sick time, paid family and medical leave, and equal pay, and has an ongoing focus on issues of diversity and early education and care. By educating business leaders and making the public case that policies that open doors and create level playing fields are good for business and good for the economy, ABL is driving the conversation about workplace opportunity in Massachusetts.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is the ultimate twofer: we can work to mitigate the impacts of climate change while creating jobs and driving economic growth. The clean energy sector in Massachusetts presents a remarkable opportunity to do well by doing good, especially when it comes to lifting up communities most likely to be disproportionately harmed by the negative effects of climate change.

ABL is educating business leaders about the importance of clean energy and its role in economic opportunity, through interactive workshops, partnerships with issue experts, and targets media strategies.

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