2018-2019 BLLP Series: Climate Change & Clean Energy Action in Massachusetts


The Alliance for Business Leadership has joined with industry experts to design a four part informational and interactive series to educate business leaders on the realities of climate change in Massachusetts and the opportunities in transitioning to a clean energy economy. Consider this a 101 boot camp that provides the resources to business executives to understand the issue and the tools to use their platforms to highlight it.

Climate change does not discriminate. It is a phenomena that is impacting all sectors across the business community, and promises to impact the economic future of Massachusetts if we do not take measures to mitigate  and adapt to a changing environment. ABL’s Board of Directors and members see the importance of the business community in  understanding and speaking on the issues, and are committed to a successful series.

The 2018-2019 Business Leaders’ Learning Project: Climate Change and Clean Energy Action is chaired by:

When are the sessions? 

  • Session I: The risks of climate change in Massachusetts (September 25, 2018) 3-5pm
  • Location: ML Strategies
  • Session II: Resiliency isn’t enough, the case for mitigation (October 24, 2018) 3:30-5:30pm
    Location: ML Strategies
  • Session III: How can businesses do their part? (January 16, 2019) 3-5pm
    Location: ML Strategies
  • Session IV: Taking Action to Create Change (February 13, 2019) 3-5pm
    Location: ML Strategies

Do I have to attend every session? We know all too well how busy business leaders are and that their time is already limited. This series allows us to spread out the two-hour sessions over six months in order to limit the time commitment. We ask that you do your best to attend all of the sessions.

How do I register for the series? Please REGISTER HERE for the series and select the sessions that you plan to attend at the bottom.

Who should attend the boot camp? We love our clean energy champions, but this is not the place for advocates and experts. This learning series will be a vehicle for ABL to engage, educate, and activate members of the business community who do not already know enough about climate change, and clean energy, but should. Does your company have sustainability goals, but you could benefit from understanding the state policy atmosphere and how it could help your business? This series is for you. Are you passionate about the environment and energy, but do not think you know enough to weigh in publicly? This series is for you. Do you know very little about climate change, and want to know more? This series is for you. We welcome business leaders from all career levels to this series. 

What is the end goal? This series is all about shaping the public narrative around the realities of climate change and clean energy action. Business voices hold weight when it comes to pushing a progressive policy agenda, and raising awareness of issues, such as climate change and clean energy action, in public discussions. In the end, we’ll have a cohort of business voices who feel like they understand the issues and are willing to use their platform to create change.

What is the Business Leaders’ Learning Project? Learn more here.

Questions? Please contact ABL’s Senior Director of Policy and Operations, Meagan Greene, at mgreene@alliancebl.org.