Alliance in the News

MassLive | January 15, 2019

Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh are taking a ‘road trip’ to Washington D.C.

Following the Mayor’s State of the City Address, Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, discusses the pressing need for solutions to issues of transportation.

Comcast Newsmakers | December 31, 2018

Sustainable and Equitable Growth.

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, joins Jenny Johnson on Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the many ways that progressive business leaders can help tackle issues of inequality.

CommonWealth Magazine | December 28, 2018

Broken transportation system needs new revenue.

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, and State Senator Joe Boncore team up to weigh in on the Commission on the Future of Transportation’s report.

Boston Globe | December 3, 2018

Mexico City’s transit solution could be ours: better buses.

Alliance Board Members, Emily Reichert, and Quincy Miller, pen a join op-ed about the Alliance’s study tour to Mexico City and the potential of bus rapid transit.

WBUR | November 14, 2018

In Competition for Amazon, Boston Misses the Big One. Again.

Alliance Board Member, Jeff Bussgang, and Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, speak Boston’s ability to scale to attract business and retain workers.

Boston Business Journal | November 13, 2018

Viewpoint: HQ2 or no, Mass. must love itself before attracting others

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, pens an op-ed about the Massachusetts infrastructure in relation to Amazon’s HQ2 decision. She gives Boston some age old advice: you have to love yourself before someone can love you.

Boston Business Journal | November 5, 2018

Massachusetts Business Leaders see Transportation as a Key Election Issue

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, talks transportation and its importance to voters in the 2018 election.

Boston Globe | November 2, 2018

Ferries in Boston are really popular but about to get more expensive

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, discusses water transportation and the need for improved ferry systems.

Boston Globe Magazine | October 4, 2018

How the 2017 Women’s March woke ‘the old girls’ network’

Alliance Board Member, Andrea Silbert, and Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, were featured in this article discussing the importance of leaving the ladder down to create progressive change.

Medium | October 4, 2018

Transportation in Massachusetts: Don’t Let the Bubble of Certainty Explode

Alliance President Jesse Mermell wrote an op-ed about seizing the moment in the conversation around transportation in Massachusetts. “Virtually every business group across MA has identified transportation as a top priority.”

Brookline Wicked Local | September 21, 2018

Guest Commentary: Keep Mass. Plugged in to clean energy

Alliance President Jesse Mermell wrote an op-ed about the economic potential of clean energy and the need to continue investing: “use our thriving clean energy industry to create jobs, support our environment, & keep Massachusetts on top.”

The Boston Globe | September 10, 2018

In youth vote, a force for change is ready — and waiting — to be activated

Alliance board member, Alan Solomont, describes the catalyst-like nature of the youth vote and its impact on election cycles.

The Boston Globe | August 27, 2018

Touting of balanced T budget rings hollow to frustrated commuters

Alliance member Daniel Danielson discusses how although fiscal responsibility is important as the MBTA balanced its budget it’s more important that commuters have a reliable service.

The Boston Globe | August 22, 2018

Advancing women of color should be a key factor in a company’s strategy

In marks of Black Women’s Pay day Alliance board member Collette Philips co-authors a piece discussing how to advance diversity in the workplace.

Boston Business Journal | August 16, 2018

Viewpoint: Why the Green Line extension will help business

Alliance members, Emily Kanter and Caleb Dean (Cambridge Naturals), write about the opportunity for small businesses and residents.

Boston Globe | July 25, 2018

Mass TLC supports a half-baked awards process, once again

Allince President Jesse Mermell joined ABL current and former Board members C.A. Webb and Diane Hessan, and others, to pen this The Boston Globe op-ed calling for gender diversity in slates of award nominees

Medium | July 24,2018

Commonwealth Ave construction round two, the true test of success for MassDOT

Alliance Senior Director of Policy and Programming Meagan Greene discusses the success of the Commonwealth Ave construction project.

The Salem News | July 17, 2018

Salem Mayor is right on transportation

Alliance Co-op, Farah Alfahad, writes a letter to the editor about the importance of investing in transportation

Boston Globe | July 15, 2018

Boston-area growth hemmed in by suburban housing crunch

Alliance member, Nancy Murphy from Sungage Financial, penned a letter about how housing is impacting her ability to hire at work

Boston Business Journal | June 28, 2018

Viewpoint: Mayors climate summit should kick off more energy, transportation investments

Alliance Board Member, Dr. Emily Reichert, writes about about clean energy and transportation: “Investing in clean energy is the right thing to do for us and for future generations, but that’s not all. It’s also the best path forward for businesses, large and small. Clean energy and innovative transportation investments will create jobs, spur economic growth and further cement Massachusetts as a global clean energy leader.”

The Boston Globe  | June 28, 2018

How progressives and businesses made an unlikely deal on family leave

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, discusses paid leave and business.

Watertown Wicked Local | June 25, 2018

Crafting a stronger clean energy future for Massachusetts

Alliance Board Secretary, Bev Armstrong, makes the case for clean energy in Massachusetts

Boston Globe | June 15, 2018

Regional transit approach should embrace the whole Commonwealth

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, letter to the editor about regional transportation. “Massachusetts is, after all, a Commonwealth. The fates of our residents are intertwined, and few challenges of civic life demonstrate this as clearly as transportation does.”

Lowell Sun | June 6, 2018

Leap into offshore wind race puts Bay State in the lead

Alliance staff, Meagan Greene, talks off-shore ind in the Lowell Sun op-ed: “This is the commonwealth’s chance to dominate the industry, and reap the economic and environmental benefits that follow.”

WBUR | May 23, 2018

Do High-Deductible Plans Make Even Cancer Care A Luxury

Alliance member, Rosemarie Day, speaks out on WBUR 90.9 FM about her own battle with breast cancer, and the importance of access to affordable health care.

Worcester Business Journal | May 30, 2018

Business target sex-buying, human trafficking 

Read about ABL’s support of Employers Against Sex Trafficking

Boston Globe | May 30, 2018

Signs of gloobal warming are piling up

Alliance Senior Director of Policy and Operations, Meagan Greene, talks about the connection between energy and economic growth.

Boston Business Journal | May 24, 2018

Viewpoint: Later school breakfasts needed to fuel our future

ABL Vice Chair, Andrea Silbert, for co-authors this op-ed in about the importance of kids having access to breakfast in schools

Entrepreneur | May 23,2018

The 4 Areas That Need to Change for Women to Achieve Equality in Business

Alliance’s Board Chair Beth Monaghan, discusses what changes need to be made for businesses to achieve equality.

Boston Globe | April 25, 2018

Help Wanted: Let’s be the best at social entrepreneurship

Alliance member, Diane Hessan, calls “for Massachusetts to be the best at inspiring and supporting a new generation of social entrepreneurs who want to change the world.

Sentinel & Enterprise | August 15, 2017

Green is good for Mass. economy

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, writes about the economic opportunity in curbing greenhouse gas emissions.  

SouthCoast Today | July 30, 2017

Pass a price on carbon to protect fisheries and livelihoods

Alliance member, J.J. Bartlett, urges support for adopting a carbon fee to protect fishermen, families, and business.  

Boston Herald | July 18, 2017

Invest in Infrastructure

Alliance Program Director, Meagan Greene, pens a piece on the critical need for a modernized, 21st century, public transportation system.

The Patriot Ledger | July 12, 2017

Hull is on the front lines of climate change battle

Alliance Program Director, Meagan Greene, and State Representative Joan Meschino team up to discuss the environmental and economic opportunity in combating climate change locally.  

The Boston Globe | July 12, 2017

Notable Lack of Opposition

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, weighs in on the health care assessment included in the Legislature’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget.

Medium | June 30, 2017

HUBweek Change Maker: Jesse Mermell

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, was recognized as one of HUBweek’s change makers.

Boston Business Journal | June 30, 2017

View point: Human sex-trafficking is a business issue

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, and Massachusetts Business Roundtable Executive Director, J.D. Chesloff, highlight why it’s important for businesses to join the fight against sex-trafficking.

Boston Business Journal | June 30, 2017

New coalition to combat sex-trafficking targets Boston businesses

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, quoted for her work on why the business community should work to combat sex-trafficking.

CommonWealth Magazine | June 28, 2017

Public Transportaion is investment in Springfield’s future

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, and State Senator Eric Lesser co-author a piece on the difference that transportation investment can have on Springfield’s economy.

The Boston Globe | June 15, 2017

Let’s not leave paid family leave up to a ballot initiative.

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, represents the only business organization, making the economic case for Massachusetts adopting paid family leave.

State House News Service | June 14, 2017

Trump’s Paris Accord decision fueling rally for renewables

Alliance Vice President for Partnerships, Bianca Sigh Ward, joined advocates and legislators in representing the business voice at a rally on the State House steps in support of investing in renewables.

Medium | June 2, 2017

Standing Up for Green – Environmental and Economic

Alliance Program Director, Meagan Greene, pens a piece in Medium on the importance of green – environmentally and economically.

Boston Globe | May 26, 2017

Business advocates gear up for legal fight against ‘millionaires tax’ proposal

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, quoted in the Boston Globe on businesses prioritizing investments in transportation and education.

Echo Chamber | May 23, 2017

Podcast: Subtle Ways Workplace Inequalities Happen

Alliance Vice Chair Beth Monaghan, joins the Echo Chamber to talk about the policies at her firm that encourage gender equity.

MassLive | May 10, 2017

Massachusetts House votes to give more rights to pregnant workers

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, quoted in MassLive on accommodating pregnant workers being a smart move for businesses.

State House News Service | May 10, 2017

Pregnant Workers’ Rights Bill on Glide Path After House Passage

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, quoted in State House News on the importance of retaining talent and saving money by adopting reasonable working conditions for pregnant women.

State House News Service | April 24, 2017

People Magazine, Pregnant Women, and the Massachusetts State House

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, writes about the positive impacts that accommodating pregnant women can have on business, featured on Medium.

Medium | May 4, 2017

People Magazine, Pregnant Women, and the Massachusetts State House

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, writes about the positive impacts that accommodating pregnant women can have on business, featured on Medium.

State House News Service | April 24, 2017

Early Educators Rally for More State Support

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, quoted in State House News on the important implications that increasing salaries for early educators will have on the state’s economy.

The Berkshire Eagle | April 23, 2017

Letter: Clean energy means jobs, revenue, bragging rights

Alliance Program Director Meagan Greene, writes a letter to the editor in the Berkshire Eagle, about the economic opportunity in clean energy.

Boston Globe | April 14, 2017

Housing Crunch is Hampering Boston-Area Businesses

Alliance Vice-President of Partnerships Bianca Sigh Ward, writes a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe, about the connection between soaring housing prices and our region’s workforce.

Boston Globe | April 10, 2017

Where are all the female college presidents?

Alliance Vice-Chair Andrea Silbert, quoted in the Boston Globe on the lack of women in the top job in higher education.  

The Boston Globe | April 9,2018

After a long hunt, ad agency Connelly Partners pulls off an acquisition in Dublin

Alliance’s board chair member Beth Monaghan, and Jeff Bussgang, and President Jesse Mermell  discuss the role of The Alliance for Business Leadership.

NECN | April 4, 2017

Business Leader Lab

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, featured on NECN to highlight ABL’s interactive problem solving conference, Leader Lab, on April 7, 2017.

State House News Service | April 4, 2017

Momentum Building Behind Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Alliance Vice President of Partnerships Bianca Sigh Ward, testifies at the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development hearing on the role women play in our workforce and economy.

ESPNW | April 4, 2017

On the hunt for the perfect postmatch beer, this rugby player started a brewing company

Alliance Secretary Bev Armstrong, highlighted in ESPNW on utilizing sportsmanship principles to start a company that is socially and environmentally respectful of the future.

The Boston Herald | February 23, 2017

Biz Alliance Urges Gov. Baker to fight Prez’s Immigration Policy

Alliance President Jesse Mermell,  featured in the Boston Herald on why immigrants are necessary for MA.

Forbes | April 1,2018

This Female Brewer Suggests These 3 Actions To Get Ahead In The Beer Industry

Alliance’s board member, Beverley Armstrong, discusses her journey in getting ahead in the Beer Industry.

The Boston Globe | March 26,2018

Get Konnected marks milestone by honoring influential people of color

Alliance board member , Collette Philips, celebrates Get Konnected 10th anniversary Tuesday  with an event to honor influential people of color in Boston.

Commonwealth| March 8,2018

Time for action on pay equity for women

Alliance’s VP of Partnerships ,Nai Collymore-Henry,  stresses the importance of paid leave and a $15 minimum wage in reaching gender equality.

Business Insider | January 30,2018

This former biotech executive left her day job to open her own brewery — and Samuel Adams is taking note

Alliance’s board member, Beverley Armstrong, discusses her journey in getting ahead in the Beer Industry.

Cambridge Wicked Local | January 5,2018

LETTER: Dedicated bus lanes in Cambridge reduce our carbon footprint

Senior Director of Policy and Programming, Meagan Greene,discusses the impact of dedicated bus lanes .

Boston Magazine | January 9, 2018

Boston’s Great Connector: Who needs LinkedIn when you’ve got Colette Phillips?

Board member, Colette Phillips, discusses her work in diversity and inclusion and lessons she’s learned throughout her career.

The Boston Globe | February 22, 2017

Tech. Leaders Take On Trump

The Alliance is featured in the Boston Globe for seeking support from Gov. Baker on the national immigration front.

Boston Business Journal | February 22, 2017

Mass. tech leaders to Baker: Do more to counter Trump’s immigration policies

The Alliance featured in the Boston Business Journal on why more must be done around immigration executive orders.

State House News | February 22, 2017

Biz Officials Urge Baker To Lead On Immigration Issues

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, quoted in State House News on why standing up for immigrants is evital for MA.

Boston Magazine | February 9, 2017

Money Management 101

Alliance Board Elyse Cherry, gives financial advice in Boston Magazine on how to make your money work for you.

The Boston Globe | January 30, 2017

Boston business leaders oppose Trump immigration order

Alliance Chair Jeff Bussgang, quoted in the Boston Globe around why immigration ban is bad for MA.

CommonWealth | January 11, 2017

Salem is Taking on Climate Change

Alliance President Jesse Mermell and Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, co-author a piece in CommonWealth about the urgency for coastal communities to combat climate change.

Medium | December 30, 2016

To Every Cloud a Silver Lining: Tackling Climate Change in 2016

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, pens a year in review for clean energy wins in MA, as seen in Medium.

Boston Herald | December 19, 2016

Holding back the tide

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, responds to an article in the Boston Herald about the financial impact climate change will bring to Boston.

The Boston Globe| December 15, 2016

New Red Line cars are a welcome boost, but state must invest more

Alliance Board Member James Roosevelt Jr., responds to an article in the Boston Globe calling for greater investment in public transportation.

Jamaica Plain News | December 12, 2016

My Jamaica Plan New Year’s Resolution

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, opines in Jamaica Plain News about being committed to sustainable practices for the new year.

The Boston Globe | December 6, 2016

Want loyal employees? ‘Do the right thing’

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, tells the Boston Globe on why better business practices lead to loyal employees.

The Boston Business Journal | November 29, 2016

Boston Chamber open to $15-an-hour minimum wage

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, quoted with the Boston Boston Business Journal on the push to raise the state’s minimum wage.

BostInno | November 22, 2016

How to be a Business Leader & an Activist

Alliance President Jesse Mermell and Board Member Bev Armstrong, join forces in BostInno to give guidance on being a business leader and activist .

The Boston Globe | November 18, 2016

Creating diversity in the innovation economy

Alliance Board Chair Jeff Bussgang, pens a joint op-ed in the Boston Globe on why business leaders need to model a culture of inclusivity.

Blue MA Group | November 14, 2016

A Rising Tide of Economic Growth

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, opines in Blue MA Group about the  economic opportunities climate change has brought.  

Boston Herald | November 8, 2016

T’s mess bad for business

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, writes to the editor of the Boston Herald to address the detrimental effects of an underperforming MBTA.

The Boston Globe | November 4, 2016

5 tech trends that will shape future elections

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, speaks with the Boston Globe on how technology will shape future elections.

The Boston Globe | October 19, 2016

Business group aims to kill ‘millionaires’ tax’

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, talks with the Boston Globe on how transportation investments can help keep MA moving forward.

MassLive | October 19, 2016

High-tech firms collecting dough to battle millionaire’s tax

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, mentioned in MassLive for how investments in transportation investments can assist in keeping MA’s economy growing.

Wicked Local Watertown | October 12, 2016

Watertown brewer wins Sam Adams ‘experienceship’

Alliance Board Member Bev Armstrong, featured in Wicked Local Watertown for her award winning beer business venture.

The Boston Globe | October 1, 2016

State can lead the way with innovation for a warming world

Alliance Member Diane Danielson, writes a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe on how transportation investments can help combat climate change.

Boston Magazine | September 29, 2016

The Boston Tech 30

Alliance Board Members, past and present, Diane Hessan, C.A. Webb and Jeff Busgang, are highlighted in Boston Magazine’s list of the most influential thinkers and connectors in Boston technology scene.

The Boston Globe | September 23, 2016

Powerful lobby does not speak for entire Mass. Business community

Senator Jamie Eldridge, responds with a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe about how the Alliance is changing the conversation on Beacon Hill.

Boston Business Journal | September 23, 2016

Transgender accommodation law is good for the business community

Alliance President Jesse Mermell and Board Member Sean Curran, respond with a letter to the editor in the Boston Business Journal about why transgender equality will grow MA.

Blue Mass Group | September 15, 2016

Why We Need To Be Like NYC

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, writes an opinion piece in Blue Mass Group on what we can learn from New York on transportation investment.

Jamaica Plain Gazette | September 9, 2016

Drought is bad for business

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, pens an opinion piece in the Jamaica Plain Gazette about the impacts of climate change on local business.

Boston Neighborhood Network News | September 2, 2016

Groups Add to Push for Late-Night MBTA

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, joins Boston Neighborhood Network News to discuss Late-Night MBTA service.

Bloomberg | September 2, 2016

The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, talks with Bloomberg Baystate on Massachusetts’s new Equal Pay law.

Huffington Post | September 1, 2016

At work, what’s the right way to say no?

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, offers up her insight in the Huffington Post on how to stop trying to do everything and begin doing the things that matter.

Mass Live | August 23, 2016

Foreclosure crisis worsens in Massachusetts, spurring cries of state inaction

Alliance Board Member Elyse Cherry, speaks with MassLive about the ongoing foreclosure crisis Massachusetts faces.

Boston Globe | August 22, 2016

Climate change threatens the economy, too

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, reacts to a Boston Globe article, stating climate change is a business issue as well.

CommonWealth | August 4, 2016

Paid family leave is good for business and communities

Alliance Board member Tom Dretler, opines in CommonWealth about the need for paid family leave.

MetroWest Daily News | July 26, 2016

Gonzalez and Chesloff: Making early education a priority

Alliance Vice-Chair Jay Gonzalez, pens a joint op-ed in the MetroWest Daily News around the need for quality early childhood education.

MassLive | July 23, 2016

Massachusetts lawmakers send gender pay equity bill to Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, speaks out on behalf of pay equity bill. As seen in the Boston Globe.

Boston Globe | July 23, 2016

Senate prepares to approve paid family leave bill

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, talks with MassLive about the victory for equal pay in MA.

Boston Globe | July 20, 2016

How our disaster relief system forces foolish decisions

Alliance Board Member Juliette Kayyem, talks natural disasters, vulnerability, and resiliency in the Boston Globe.

Politico | July 14, 2016

Equal pay legislation passes House, headed to conference

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, praises House vote as a major step forward in Politico.   

Boston Globe | July 13, 2016

Pay equity bill a long time coming, but may soon be here

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, says pay equity bill is a no-brainer in the Boston Globe.  

Politico | July 11, 2016

House equal pay legislation designed for broad appeal

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, speaks with Politico about equal pay legislation in MA.  

WGBH | July 8, 2016

Legislature May Take Up Bill To Address Gender Wage Gap This Session

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, addresses equal pay and the gender wage gap with WGBH.

BostInno | July 5, 2016

This MBTA Decision Could Have Harsh Consequences

Alliance Board Member C.A. Webb, writes in BostInno about MBTA fare hikes & the impacts for the innovation economy in MA.

Boston Business Journal | June 28, 2016

Keep Massachusetts an energy innovation leader

Alliance Chair Jeff Bussgang, weighs in on why investment in clean energy innovation are vial to MA. As seen in the Boston Business Journal.

Boston Globe | June 28, 2016

Key changes made to noncompete bill

Alliance Chair Jeff Bussgang, speaks with the Boston Globe around noncompetes.

Boston Globe | June 23, 2016

Family leave, wage gap must also be atop agenda

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, writes a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe, talking equal pay and paid leave.

WGBH | June 14, 2016

Guns Made Mateen The Most Successful Terrorist Since 9/11

Alliance Board Member Juliette Kayem, talks with WGBH about guns & Orlando on her latest podcast.

Boston Globe | June 3, 2016

Putting early education front and center in Mass.

Alliance Vice-Chair Jay Gonzalez, quoted in the Boston Globe for participation in the advisory group convened by Speaker Robert DeLeo to work on issues of early education in Massachusetts.

Boston Globe | May 26, 2016

In search of ‘A More Inclusive Business Climate’

Alliance Board Member Colette Phillips, featured in the Boston Globe for her efforts to create “a more inclusive business climate”.

Bay State Banner | May 25, 2016

Millionaires’ tax passes second test

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, speaks with the Bay State Banner about the Fair Share amendment, which would raise revenue for investments in education and transportation.

Knowledge@Wharton | May 24, 2016

Why VCs Aren’t Funding Women-led Startups

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, featured in Knowledge@Wharton speaking on what women-led startups need to succeed.

Commonwealth | May 24, 2016

Time for vision at the MBTA

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, co-authors an opinion piece in Commonwealth about the need for a vision at the MBTA.

Boston Globe | May 19, 2016

Paid leave would cost $159 per worker

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, featured in the Boston Globe calling for a paid family and  medical leave program in MA.

Boston Herald | May 12, 2016

Fueling Energy Debate

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, responds to a Boston Herald article discussing the future of the energy debate in Massachusetts.

Bentley University PreparedU Forum | May 5, 2016

Leaving the Ladder Down: On Being a Woman in the Workplace

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, opines on dealing with gender equality and how women can succeed at work.

New Boston Post | May 4, 2016

Mass. program helps foreign entrepreneurs create jobs

Alliance Chair Jeff Busgang, featured in New Boston Post for his in part in helping retain international talent and helping create jobs in the US.

WGBH | May 2, 2016

Is Boston The City That Cried No?

Alliance Board Member C.A. Webb, joins WGBH’s Greater Boston to discuss big ideas in Boston.

Wicked Local | April 14, 2016

Watertown’s Bev Armstrong opens first female-owned brewery in Mass.

Alliance Board Member Bev Armstrong, featured in Watertown Wicked Local for being a pioneer in her new business venture.

Boston Globe | April 13, 2016

Transgender rights bill gets bigger push from Mass. businesses

Alliance proudly joins MA business sector push for Transgender rights bill, as seen in the Boston Globe.  

Boston Globe | April 5, 2016

Change, but no revolution, at the Chamber of Commerce

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, speaks to Alliance’s progressive stance on revenue from proposed “fair share” tax. As seen in the Boston Globe.

Boston Globe | April 4, 2016

Don’t send foreign entrepreneurs packing

Alliance Chair Jeff Bussgang, pens a joint op-ed featured in Boston Globe calling for a change to current global entrepreneurs visa program.

Roll Call | April 4, 2016

Get Money Out of Politics, Get Young People in

Alliance Board Member Alan Solomont, opines in Roll Call about getting money out of politics and getting young people in.

Commonwealth Magazine | April 4, 2016

Late-night MBTA service crucial to economic growth and justice

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, writes a joint op-ed with Boston’s NAACP featured in Commonwealth discussing just late-night T service and economic growth.

Boston Globe | March 30, 2016

Meet 100 of Boston’s most influential minorities

Alliance Board Member Colette Phillips, featured in Boston Globe for creation of Boston’s 100 most influential minorities.

Boston Business Journal | March 28, 2016

Boston startup targeting ‘distracted drivers’ has a new name, headquarters &nbsp

Alliance Board Member Scott Griffith, featured in Boston Business Journal for distracted driving prevention startup.

Newton Patch | March 24, 2016

Newton Resident Named Chair of Alliance for Business Leadership

Alliance welcomes new Chair Jeff Bussgang, featured in Newton Patch.

Boston Globe | March 17, 2016

‘Leader Lab’ seeks some answers

Alliance President Jesse Mermell, featured in the Globe talking innovative Leader Lab event.

Boston Globe | March 16, 2016

Brazo Fuerte takes the field with five intriguing beers

Alliance Treasurer Bev Armstrong, featured in the Globe for bold new beer business venture.

Bostinno  | March 15, 2016

Here’s How Boston VC Jeff Bussgang Prioritizes His Day

Alliance Vice Chair Jeff Busgang, featured in the Bostino explaining his method on how to prioritizing  a work-life balance.

Gloucester Daily Times | March 11, 2016

Clean energy industry poised for growth

Alliance Member Tedd Saunders, responds to Gloucester Daily Times article on future of clean energy in MA.

US Department of Labor Blog | March 9, 2016

#LeadOnLeave: A Victory for Vermont Workers

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, has her company recognized for leading on paid family leave.

Boston Neighborhood Network | March 8, 2016

MBTA Fare Hike Reaction: Part II

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, raises concerns over MBTA fare increases.

The Conversation | March 8, 2016

How can universities encourage young people to vote?

Alliance Board Member Alan Solomont, presents solutions as to how to increase youth voter turnout.

Framingham Patch | March 8, 2016

Advocating For Women’s Issues: Gender Equity, Paid Family Leave

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, testifies as to why her company offers paid family leave.

Boston Globe | March 8, 2016

T rate hike proposal unfair

Alliance Board Member Jim Roosevelt, responds to Boston Globe article on MBTA fare hikes.

Boston Neighborhood Network | March 7, 2016

Rider Advocates React to MBTA Fare Hike

Alliance Program Director Sebastian Zapata, voices concerns over impending MBTA fare increases.

WBUR | March 2, 2016

House Speaker DeLeo Pledges To Limit Non-Compete Agreements

Alliance Board Member Jeff Bussgang, speaks out in favor of progress to reform non-compete agreements.

Urban Update | March 2, 2016

Urban Update – ABL Leader Lab

Alliance Board Member Collete Phillips & Alliance President Jesse Mermell, promote upcoming ABL Leader Lab event.

Boston Business Journal | February 26, 2016

Op-Ed; Support for charter schools should not mean neglecting districts

Alliance Chairman Phil Edmundson, calls for compromise to break stalemate in Charter Schools debate.

The Boston Globe | February 4, 2016

Letter to the Editor; Let’s accelerate the pace of progress on pay equity

Alliance Board Member Kip Hollister, responds to Boston Globe article on Equal Pay.

The MetroWest Daily News | February 1, 2016

State Senate passes bill to tackle gender pay gap

Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell, speaks out on Equal Pay.

The Boston Herald | January 27, 2016

Letter to the Editor; Equal pay serious Biz

Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell, responds to Boston Herald article on Equal Pay.

NECN | January 20, 2016

Time to dismantle Boston’s Old Boy’s Network?

Alliance Board Members Donna Levin and Beth Monaghan, discuss why now is the time to break up Boston’s Old Boy’s Network.

Metro | January 19, 2016

Boston thinkers target young voters for Election 2016

Alliance Board Member Alan Solomont, provides a current landscape of young voter turnout rates and presents ideas on how to increase voting in elections.   

The Boston Globe | January 18, 2016

Envisioning an impact from GE that reaches all among us

Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell, promotes idea of far-reaching investments throughout Boston.   

The Boston Globe | January 15, 2016

Skirting the old-boy network, updated

Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell, expresses mass frustration with lack of diversity in business world.

The Boston Globe | January 14, 2016

Elite business group needs to add diversity

Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell, advocates the need for diversity in business world to better reflect the reality of what Boston looks like.

Commonwealth Magazine | December 14, 2015

Redefining Having It All

Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell, Alliance Board Member and Co-Founder and CEO of InkHouse Beth Monaghan, and at-large Boston City Council member Ayanna Presley weigh in on the “right policies needed to support women and families.” | October 27, 2015

Environmentalists push carbon fee in Massachusetts

Alliance Leader Roger Freeman, Founder and President of Solventerra, testified at the State House hearing in support of bill S.1747, calling the proposal “a market based solution that addresses climate change while driving innovation and job growth in the Commonwealth.”

Boston Business Journal | October 23, 2015

Leaders In Diversity: Phillips celebrates a lifetime of making a difference

Alliance Board Member Colette Phillips, President and CEO of Colette Phillips Communications, is featured in the Boston Business Journal for her lifetime of leadership in diversity. | October 22, 2015

Massachusetts’ Legislature wants more women on boards of directors

The Alliance is recognized for its role in the unanimous passing of Massachusetts State Resolution S1007, proposed by Senator Karen Spilka, in the House of Representatives. The resolution urges companies to put at least three women on their boards of nine or greater by the year 2018, or at least two women for smaller companies. The passing of the non-binding resolution, which was also passed by the Massachusetts Senate over the summer, shows a commitment to gender diversity in local business.

South Coast Today | October 14, 2015

Women and minorities make gains, face challenges in business

Alliance Board Member Beth Monaghan, co-founder and principal of InkHouse, comments on the advancement of women and and minorities into leadership positions in the business world.

State House News Service | April 01, 2015

Business Municipal Leaders Press for More MBTA Funding

Jesse Mermell, Executive Director of The Alliance, provides commentary on the need for new revenue in order to make economic growth and opportunity.

The Boston Globe | April 01, 2015

Business Leaders Issue Report Urging MBTA Continue Invest Expansion

Tedd Saunders, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Saunders Hotel Group, provides commentary on the important of mass transit system.

Boston Business Journal | March 04, 2015

Baker proposes $100K lifeline for ‘Global Entrepreneur in Residence’ program

Alliance Leader Jeff Bussgang, Managing Partner at Flybridge Capital, and Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell promote the Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program.

The Boston Globe | February 02, 2015

Disruptive MBTA service grates on businesses

Alliance Executive Director Jesse Mermell is quoted on the MBTA disruption’s effect on businesses.

Castle Group Blog | June 19, 2014

Sandy Lish: “One might ask—and many did ask—why we need ANOTHER conversation around these topics?”

Sandy Lish, Founder and Principal of The Castle Group, explains why this candid, closed-door discussion moved the ball forward.

Boston Business Journal | June 20, 2014

JoAnn Cavallaro: “There’s light on the horizon for women on boards”

JoAnn Cavallaro, president of The Boston Club, one of the largest communities of women executives and professional leaders in the Northeast., reports on Clearing the Path.

Radio Boston, WBUR-FM | June 10, 2014

Betsy Myers:  “The world has changed so drastically. Last year, 70 percent of the new entrants into the workplace were women and people of color. “

Clearing the Path host and Alliance leader Jim Roosevelt, CEO of Tufts Health Plan, joined Betsy Myers, Founding Director of the Center for Women & Business at Bentley University and Clearing the Path moderator, on Radio Boston.

Boston Globe | June 11, 2014

Can a simple idea mean big change for women?

Joanna Weiss of the Globe interviews Alliance Leader and Harvard Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter about the possible impact of Clearing the Path.

Boston Globe | June 10, 2014

Executives to focus on gender equality at event

Governor Deval Patrick and Alliance Leader Trish Karter, a Clearing the Path host, explain the need for the gathering.

Boston Globe | May 16, 2014

Alliance Board Member Joshua Boger Calls for Investment in Education

“If you think college is too expensive, think about how costly it is if students don’t finish… . Simply put, US high schools are not adequately preparing students to be successful in college. “

Alliance Leader and former CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Josh Boger joins Rick Burnes, co-founder and partner emeritus in Charles River Ventures, in calling for the expansion of programs which increase the number of students who are prepared for college, and the number wo go on to complete a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) major.

Metrowest Daily News | February 16, 2014

Norm Gorin, Alliance Leader, Urges Raise in Minimum Wage to Create Jobs

Norm Gorin, CEO of Instinct Health Science, said in the Metrowest Daily News, “Unless people at the bottom of the pyramid have enough money to buy what businesses are offering and thereby create demand, job growth will slow.  It’s a common-sense equation, but some business owners taking the short-term view are missing it entirely.”

Salem News | February 8, 2014

Pass the Minimum Wage Bill Now, Says Alliance Leader Linda Moulton

“As a member of the Alliance for Business Leadership, an organization of CEOs, investors, and business innovators, I am joined by many high-level executives in calling for an immediate rise in the minimum wage,” wrote Linda Moulton, CEO of TRU Corporation.

Boston Business Journal | January 10, 2014

Alliance Leader Kip Hollister, CEO of Hollister Staffing, Profiled in Boston Business Journal

Opting for deep, lasting relationships with clients has helped the company weather three difficult recessions, says Kip Hollister, CEO of Hollister Staffing.

Boston Globe | October 16, 2013

Alliance Featured in Boston Globe

Dr. Joshua Boger, founding CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:VRTX), explains to Shirley Leung of the Boston Globe, “This is not hippies and flowers. This is a business principle that says running business in the long term for social good is good business.”

Boston Business Journal | October 8, 2013

Q&A with Alliance Chair Phil Edmundson

Phil Edmundson, newly-elected Alliance Chair, explained the Alliance’s mission to the Boston Business Journal, and shared his excitement about empowering business leaders to lead in the public policy arena towards a more just and sustainable society.

Associated Press | June 5, 2013

Alliance Supports Cape Wind

The Alliance’s support for Cape Wind was featured in an AP story featured on NECN and other news sites.  From the story: “A Massachusetts business group is strongly backing the Cape Wind offshore wind project, after two other business groups recently attacked the project in newspaper ads.  The Alliance for Business Leadership called Cape Wind ‘an historic opportunity’ in a statement Wednesday.”

Note: Clips after March 2012 refer to the Alliance for Business Leadership, those printed prior to March 2012 will refer to the organization’s original name, the Progressive Business Leaders Network. (archives)

WBUR, CommonHealth Blog | August 13, 2012

Mass. Soda Tax Proposal Dead- For Now

Alliance President & Executive Director, Andy Tarsy, discusses the recent effort in Massachusetts to remove the sales tax exemption on candy and soda.  

Huffington Post | July 17, 2012

Reality Bites: Massachusetts Economy Proves Health Care Reform Didn’t Destroy Businesses

Alliance Senior Policy Advisor Kelly Bovio shares an inside look at U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings on the Affordable Care Act, held one day before the House took its 33rd vote to repeal.

Health Stew (on | July 17, 2012

A Massachusetts Business Voice for Health Reform

Health Reform expert John McDonough focuses his blog on testimony of Alliance member and Cape Air CEO Dan Wolf who went to Congress to explain how expansion of coverage helps and is supported by business.

Boston Business Journal | July 6, 2012

The Individual Mandate Benefits Us All | pdf version

A counterpoint to the BBJ editorial arguing against the Affordable Care Act, written by Jack Manning and Phil Edmundson, co-chairs of the Alliance Health Promotion Initiative. From the article: “The BBJ called the mandate a “new entitlement” and found it “ironic” that business leaders associate it with progress on reducing costs. We disagree. …Nationally, the mandate will refer millions of new buyers into the private health insurance marketplace and dramatically reduce a free-rider problem that is anything but free. In Massachusetts, average increases in health insurance rates have dropped from 16 percent in 2010 to less than 1 percent today. The mandate has opened the door to systemic cost containment.”

The Herald News | June 29, 2012

State Officials Discuss how Affordable Care Act Ruling Weighs on Bay State

The Alliance was included in a roundup of reactions from Massachusetts political and business leaders, after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in a 5-4 ruling. | June 11, 2012

Effort to Tax Sodas Dies in the Legislature

From the story: “Although most Massachusetts voters want to see soda taxed, the effort did not have adequate support in the Legislature, which is wary of imposing any new taxes on state’s citizens…. A local business group, the Alliance for Business Leadership, backed the proposal and estimated that the new tax could raise $61.5 million.” | May 30, 2012

Governor Deval Patrick says government should support clean energy, despite Evergreen, Solyndra failures Coverage of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s address on renewable energy, including statements of support from the Alliance for Business Leadership: “Business knows that expanding our renewable domestic energy supply is great for the economy.”

State House News Service | May 15, 2012

Biz Leaders Press for Sugar Tax

In a letter to legislative leaders, members of the Alliance for Business Leadership, formerly the Progressive Business Leaders Network, wrote that “ending the tax exemption on candy and soda is an important first step and one of the many options to consider in order to adequately fund wellness and public health programs and to eliminate an incentive that encourages poor nutrition.”

Boston Business Journal | April 20, 2012

Business Group Changes Name, Looks for National Reach

A page 3 feature story covering the Alliance’s relaunch and national growth plans, with quotes from Alliance Chairman Tom Dretler, President & Executive Director Andrew Tarsy, and others.

Boston Innovation | April 17, 2012

What Does “Sustainability” Mean and How do We Measure It?

Alliance President and Executive Director Andrew Tarsy, along with four other experts including Alliance member Susan Hunt Stevens (CEO, Practically Green), share their thoughts on the definition of Sustainability and the challenges that come with measuring it.

The Boston Globe | April 2, 2012

Alliance for Business Leadership Unveils New Name, New Agenda (pdf version here)

The Alliance for Business Leadership officially launches its new name and new agenda. Originally known as the Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN), the new name underscores its role as a nonpartisan alliance of business leaders committed to sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. “Our aim is to redefine and revitalize the role of business leadership in society,” said Alliance President and Executive Director Andrew Tarsy.

The Boston Globe | March 6, 2012

Governor Patrick Eases Small Business Rules

Massachusetts state Governor Deval Patrick spoke on his campaign to eliminate unnecessary and outdated regulations that hamper small business at this exclusive members-only meeting, which also featured a first look at the organization’s new name, the Alliance for Business Leadership, to launch formally later this month.

The Boston Globe | March 2, 2012

Putting College Degrees to Work

PBLN Executive Director Andy Tarsy comments on the need for agile partnerships between schools and industry to prepare students for the estimated 120,000 jobs going unfilled for want of qualified applicants.

The Boston Globe | February 22, 2012

A step in the wrong direction

PBLN Co-founders Steven Grossman and Gloria Larson speak out about small and declining numbers of women on corporate boards.

The Boston Herald | February 22, 2012

Massachusetts Manufacturing CEO Applauds NStar- Cape Wind Agreement

In response to a recent editorial in the Boston Herald, PBLN Charter Member George Matouk, President & CEO, John Matouk & Co., voices his support for the recently announced agreement between NStar and Cape Wind, and the importance of supporting alternative energy sources in general.

The Official Website of the Governor of Massachusetts | January 24, 2012

Community College Reforms to Spur Workforce Development

PBLN Board Member Kip Hollister (CEO, Hollister Inc.) and PBLN Executive Director Andy Tarsy voice their support of Governor Patrick’s proposal to reform community colleges in Massachusetts.

Note: The following clips refer to the Alliance for Business Leadership by its original name, the Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN), which changed in March 2012.

The Boston Globe | December 1, 2011

Mass. Delegation aims to drum up business in Brazil

PBLN Members Linda Moulton (Ceralta Technologies), Florian Hunziker (Harmonix Music Systems), Winston Henderson (Nanoterra), Kirk Sykes (Urban Strategy America Fund), and John Harthorne (Mass Challenge) join Governor Deval Patrick on a trip to Brazil to expand markets and network with Brazilian entrepreneurs as part of a  delegation comprising nearly 50 executives, government officials, and academic leaders.

The Boston Globe | November 25, 2011

Sad to see Congress block attempt to make school lunches healthier

CEO of City Fresh Foods and PBLN Charter Member, Glynn Lloyd, writes to the Boston Globe about Congress’ recent changes to the National School Lunch Program

Here & Now| November 17, 2011

Can Local and Fresh Food Make it to a School Near You?

PBLN Charter Member Glynn Lloyd, CEO of City Fresh Foods responds to Congress blocking regulations to make school lunches healthier.

The Boston Globe | October 20, 2011

Governor Deval Patrick and PBLN Build Links to Tech Leaders in the West Bank

The Boston Globe reports on a successful visit to Massachusetts by 8 Palestinian CEOs of IT/software development companies. The visit was facilitated by PBLN and the US AID to advance job creation and mutual investment.

The Huffington Post | October 13, 2011

Peace Through Entrepreneurship?

PBLN Co-Chair Jeff Bussgang (General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners) blogs about his experience speaking with a delegation of Palestinian IT CEOs that PBLN hosted as part of follow up to a March trade mission to Israel.

The Huffington Post | September 25, 2011

Cape Wind Merger: Nation’s First Offshore Wind Farm May Be Impacted By Deal

PBLN President Andrew Tarsy comments on the role of government in renewable energy projects.

The Boston Globe | August 21, 2011

From some of the richest, two cheers for higher taxes

PBLN Board member and Boston Capital CEO Jack Manning agrees with Warren Buffet that the wealthy should be taxed at a higher rate to help tame the deficit.

The Baltimore Sun | August 11, 2011

Baltimore Needs the Federal Housing Tax Credit

PBLN members David Abromowitz and Jack Manning write about the danger careless spending cuts represent to the federal housing tax credit.

WBUR | August 3, 2011

Local Businesses Grapple With Debt Deal

PBLN CEOs Geoff MacKay (Organogenesis) and David Parker (Digital Advisor) comment on the deal to raise the debt ceiling.

Worcester Business Journal| August 1, 2011

A Competitive and Clean Economy

Energy and Environment Co-Chairs Mitch Tyson (former CEO, Advanced Electron Beams) and Roger Freeman (Managing Principal, Solventerra LLP) op-ed about the benefits of Massachusetts’ Climate 2020 Plan.

The Boston Globe | July 22, 2011

Business leaders can make a difference without jump to public sector

PBLN Executive Director Andrew Tarsy: CEOs need to re-imagine their roles as public leaders.

The Boston Herald | March 17, 2011

Winnable Wind War

PBLN member and branding/strategy CEO Nicholas Boillot (Hart Boillot) supports clean Energy and climate legislation.

WBUR | March 11, 2011

Junket or Jewel? Boston Business Leader on Patrick’s Trade Mission

PBLN Executive Director Andrew Tarsy discusses Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s innovation economy trade mission in Israel and the UK.

The Boston Globe | March 8, 2011

Patrick Talks Trade with Israel

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick talks trade on the first day of the five-day trade mission in Israel. PBLN member and GlassHouse Technologies CEO Mark Shirman comments.

NECN | March 7, 2011

Eye on Israel: Day one of Gov. Patrick’s trade mission

PBLN member and bio-technology executive Winston Henderson (Surface Logix) comments on the Massachusetts trade mission in Israel.

Mass High Tech | February 18, 2011

Lighting Cluster Helping Mass. Meet Energy Efficiency Goals

PBLN member and Digital Lumens President & CEO Tom Pincince discusses the Massachusetts call to arms for lighting companies. Pincince notes that smart lighting choices can help drive energy efficiency and savings.

The Boston Globe | February 10, 2011

Patrick headed to Israel, Britain on Trade Mission

PBLN Board Member and Communispace CEO Diane Hessan discusses the upcoming innovative economy development mission to Israel and the UK where she will join Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, senior government officials and top Massachusetts business leaders.

Note: The following clips refer to the Alliance for Business Leadership by its original name, the Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN), which changed in March 2012.

The Boston Globe | December 30, 2010

State sets tougher limits on emissions: Auto insurance may be incentive

PBLN Executive Director Andy Tarsy comments on a the wisdom of tougher limits on greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts.

The MetroWest Daily News | December 14, 2010

Egerman and Albelda: The Business and Economic Case for Letting Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Expire

PBLN Board Member and MetroWest Daily Guest Columnist, Paul Egerman offers the business and economic case for letting higher-income tax cuts expire.

The MetroWest Daily News | December 7, 2010

Brick: Reinstate the Estate Tax

PBLN member and MetroWest Daily Guest Columnist, Howard Brick, addresses the value of the estate tax to the sustainable economy.

The Christian Science Monitor | November 17, 2010

Smokers Need Not Apply: Is Hiring Ban Trend of the Future?

PBLN Executive Director Andy Tarsy comments on the new Mass Hospital Association policy to ban hiring of smokers.

WBUR | November 2, 2010

Some Companies May Reject Job Seekers Who Smoke

PBLN Executive Director Andy Tarsy is interviewed on WBUR’s Radio Boston show on the new Mass Hospital Association policy to ban hiring of smokers.

Boston Business Journal | October 15, 2010

Brown at center of local cleantech lobbying efforts

PBLN central to lobbying focus on US Senator Scott Brown around clean energy issues

The Boston Globe | October 10, 2010

Doing Better Business

Boston Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham’s piece on the 2010 Boston Summit.

Mass High Tech – The Journal of New England Technology | July 20, 2010

Progressive Business Leaders Network backs ed standard

Coverage of PBLN’s public position in support of the adoption of the Common Core K-12 Education standards for Massachusetts schools.

Boston Globe |  July 1, 2010

Cape Wind gets a boost from CEOs

A recap from PBLN’s forum, Cape Wind and National Grid: How the New England Renewable Energy Deal of the Century Is Getting Done hosted by PBLN member Paul Sagan, chief executive of Akamai Technologies Inc.

Mass High Tech – The Journal of New England Technology |  June 30, 2010

Cape Wind’s Gordon appeals to execs for NStar support

A recap from PBLN’s forum, Cape Wind and National Grid: How the New England Renewable Energy Deal of the Century Is Getting Done hosted by PBLN member Paul Sagan, chief executive of Akamai Technologies Inc.

Boston Herald |  June 21, 2010

Wired for progress

PBLN Executive Director Andrew Tarsy’s letter to the Editor in the Boston Herald.

Cape Cod Times |  June 19, 2010

Wal-Mart takes on Cape Wind

By Patrick Cassidy

PBLN executive director Andrew Tarsy makes the business case for Cape Wind, saying the project represents a much-needed boost to the state’s renewable energy industry.

Boston Globe |  June 17, 2010

Wal-Mart challenges Cape Wind’s high prices

By Erin Ailworth

PBLN Member George Matouk (President, John Matouk & Co.) advocates for Cape Wind, saying it will help Massachusetts build a clean energy economy and become less dependent on fossil fuels.

Daily News Transcript |  June 16, 2010

Senate vote stirs anxiety over Federal health care funds

By Michael Norton and Kyle Cheney

PBLN Board Member Diane Hessan (CEO, Communispace Corporation) calls for Congressional action on federal health funding for healthcare, basic services, infrastructure in Massachusetts.

Xconomy |  June 7, 2010

Of Cuban Missiles and Chinese Wind Turbines

By Ray DeMeo

PBLN Member and technology exec Ray Demeo’s Xconomy piece on the need for clean energy production.

Boston Globe | May 25, 2010

Cape Wind courts NStar for utility contract –  deal key to getting construction funds

By D.C. Denison

“…Andrew Tarsy, executive director of the advocacy group Progressive Business Leaders Network…characterized Cape Wind as ‘a symbol of the energy future.’”

May 22, 2010

Vertex Founder Joshua Boger Charges up Wesleyan Grads

These remarks were given by PBLN co-chair and former Vertex CEO Joshua Boger to Phi Beta Kappa inductees at Wesleyan University on May 22, 2010.

Boston Globe | May 22, 2010

NStar, Cape Wind to talk energy –  utility says it would consider contract to buy electricity

By Erin Ailworth

“Andy Tarsy, executive director of the advocacy group Progressive Business Leaders Network, which has supported Cape Wind, said the local business community is watching NStar closely to see what it will do about Cape Wind.”

Mass High Tech – The Journal of New England Technology | May 19, 2010

Deepwater Horizon: Complicating New England’s Chances for a Climate Change Bill

Mass High Tech piece by PBLN member and Political Outreach Coordinator Matt Henshon (Founder, Henshon Parker LLP) on the PBLN Summit and the impact of the Deep Water Horizon rig spill on energy politics in DC.

Boston Globe | May 18, 2010

Pics from CEO field trip to Washington

Boston Globe’s Scott Kirsner (Innovation Economy) blogs w/ pics about the CEO field trip to D.C.

Cause Nation | May 17, 2010

Weighing in on Scale

PBLN member Nikki Korn’s blogpost on the “Cause Nation” blog run by Nikki and her colleagues at Cause Consulting, where she is a Principal and works with Adobe, Aramark, Boston Beer Company and other national brands.

Boston Globe | May 12, 2010

Our energy use calls for a transformation

Andrew Tarsy & Mitch Tyson, letter to the editor

“THERE IS no denying that the rate for electricity in 2013 when Cape Wind switches on will be pennies per kilowatt higher than prices today. But energy economics require a deeper look. For example, what about long-term job creation and economic development? What about the anticipated sharp rise in oil and gas prices as the global economy recovers?”

WBUR | May 12, 2010

Insurance Coverage Alone Won’t make Us Healthy

WBUR (Boston’s NPR News Station) healthcare blog “CommonHealth” has a guest blog by PBLN member J.J. Bartlett who is CEO of Fisherman Partnership Health Plan.

Seeing Both Sides | May 11, 2010

Barney Frank says: Don’t Mess with VCs or Angels

Jeff Bussgang (General Partner, Flybridge Capital) blogs on financial reform talk with Barney Frank.

Mass High Tech | May 7, 2010

Jeff Bussgang, on public policy’s help/hinderance to entrepreneurs

Mass High Tech posts Tarsy/Bussgang conversation about going to D.C.

Boston Globe | April 29, 2010

Decision puts the state at the forefront of wind industry, business leaders say

By Erin Ailworth

“[New jobs from Cape Wind ] span the spectrum from blue collar to white collar,’’ said Roger Freeman (Managing Director, Solventerra) of the advocacy group Progressive Business Leaders Network, which has supported Cape Wind. “It’s boatmen taking boats out there. It’s blue-collar workers turning the wrenches. It helps build Massachusetts as a cluster and a center for renewable energy.”

Note: The following clips refer to the Alliance for Business Leadership by its original name, the Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN), which changed in March 2012.

Boston Globe | November 21, 2009

Massachusetts Health Care Providers Urge Revamping Payment System

Robert Weisman

“Whether the state’s proposed payment system overhaul can succeed in reining in costs and boosting the quality of care will depend on how it’s structured and put into practice…was the consensus of speakers on a health care panel yesterday during a summit on business leadership and public policy at the John F. Kennedy Library in Dorchester.” Read the full article.

XConomy Boston | November 24, 2009

Progressive Business Leaders Meet for “Davos on The Charles” Policy Summit

Jeff Bussgang

“The Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN) summit convened last Friday at the JFK Presidential Library represented a unique blend of over 200 leaders engaged in the thorniest of policy issues that are facing the Commonwealth and the nation.” Read the full article