Alliance in the News – 2012

WBUR, CommonHealth Blog | August 13, 2012

Mass. Soda Tax Proposal Dead- For Now

Alliance President & Executive Director, Andy Tarsy, discusses the recent effort in Massachusetts to remove the sales tax exemption on candy and soda.  

Huffington Post | July 17, 2012

Reality Bites: Massachusetts Economy Proves Health Care Reform Didn’t Destroy Businesses

Alliance Senior Policy Advisor Kelly Bovio shares an inside look at U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings on the Affordable Care Act, held one day before the House took its 33rd vote to repeal.

Health Stew (on | July 17, 2012

A Massachusetts Business Voice for Health Reform

Health Reform expert John McDonough focuses his blog on testimony of Alliance member and Cape Air CEO Dan Wolf who went to Congress to explain how expansion of coverage helps and is supported by business.

Boston Business Journal | July 6, 2012

The Individual Mandate Benefits Us All | pdf version

A counterpoint to the BBJ editorial arguing against the Affordable Care Act, written by Jack Manning and Phil Edmundson, co-chairs of the Alliance Health Promotion Initiative. From the article: “The BBJ called the mandate a “new entitlement” and found it “ironic” that business leaders associate it with progress on reducing costs. We disagree. …Nationally, the mandate will refer millions of new buyers into the private health insurance marketplace and dramatically reduce a free-rider problem that is anything but free. In Massachusetts, average increases in health insurance rates have dropped from 16 percent in 2010 to less than 1 percent today. The mandate has opened the door to systemic cost containment.”

The Herald News | June 29, 2012

State Officials Discuss how Affordable Care Act Ruling Weighs on Bay State

The Alliance was included in a roundup of reactions from Massachusetts political and business leaders, after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in a 5-4 ruling. | June 11, 2012

Effort to Tax Sodas Dies in the Legislature

From the story: “Although most Massachusetts voters want to see soda taxed, the effort did not have adequate support in the Legislature, which is wary of imposing any new taxes on state’s citizens…. A local business group, the Alliance for Business Leadership, backed the proposal and estimated that the new tax could raise $61.5 million.” | May 30, 2012

Governor Deval Patrick says government should support clean energy, despite Evergreen, Solyndra failures

Coverage of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s address on renewable energy, including statements of support from the Alliance for Business Leadership: “Business knows that expanding our renewable domestic energy supply is great for the economy.”

State House News Service | May 15, 2012

Biz Leaders Press for Sugar Tax

In a letter to legislative leaders, members of the Alliance for Business Leadership, formerly the Progressive Business Leaders Network, wrote that “ending the tax exemption on candy and soda is an important first step and one of the many options to consider in order to adequately fund wellness and public health programs and to eliminate an incentive that encourages poor nutrition.”

Boston Business Journal | April 20, 2012

Business Group Changes Name, Looks for National Reach

A page 3 feature story covering the Alliance’s relaunch and national growth plans, with quotes from Alliance Chairman Tom Dretler, President & Executive Director Andrew Tarsy, and others.

Boston Innovation | April 17, 2012

What Does “Sustainability” Mean and How do We Measure It?

Alliance President and Executive Director Andrew Tarsy, along with four other experts including Alliance member Susan Hunt Stevens (CEO, Practically Green), share their thoughts on the definition of Sustainability and the challenges that come with measuring it.

The Boston Globe | April 2, 2012

Alliance for Business Leadership Unveils New Name, New Agenda (pdf version here)

The Alliance for Business Leadership officially launches its new name and new agenda. Originally known as the Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN), the new name underscores its role as a nonpartisan alliance of business leaders committed to sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. “Our aim is to redefine and revitalize the role of business leadership in society,” said Alliance President and Executive Director Andrew Tarsy.

The Boston Globe | March 6, 2012

Governor Patrick Eases Small Business Rules

Massachusetts state Governor Deval Patrick spoke on his campaign to eliminate unnecessary and outdated regulations that hamper small business at this exclusive members-only meeting, which also featured a first look at the organization’s new name, the Alliance for Business Leadership, to launch formally later this month.

The Boston Globe | March 2, 2012

Putting College Degrees to Work

PBLN Executive Director Andy Tarsy comments on the need for agile partnerships between schools and industry to prepare students for the estimated 120,000 jobs going unfilled for want of qualified applicants.

The Boston Globe | February 22, 2012

A step in the wrong direction

PBLN Co-founders Steven Grossman and Gloria Larson speak out about small and declining numbers of women on corporate boards.

The Boston Herald | February 22, 2012

Massachusetts Manufacturing CEO Applauds NStar- Cape Wind Agreement

In response to a recent editorial in the Boston Herald, PBLN Charter Member George Matouk, President & CEO, John Matouk & Co., voices his support for the recently announced agreement between NStar and Cape Wind, and the importance of supporting alternative energy sources in general.

The Official Website of the Governor of Massachusetts | January 24, 2012

Community College Reforms to Spur Workforce Development

PBLN Board Member Kip Hollister (CEO, Hollister Inc.) and PBLN Executive Director Andy Tarsy voice their support of Governor Patrick’s proposal to reform community colleges in Massachusetts.

Note: The following clips refer to the Alliance for Business Leadership by its original name, the Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN), which changed in March 2012.

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