Alliance in the News – 2018

Comcast Newsmakers | December 31, 2018

Sustainable and Equitable Growth.

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, joins Jenny Johnson on Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the many ways that progressive business leaders can help tackle issues of inequality.

CommonWealth Magazine | December 28, 2018

Broken transportation system needs new revenue.

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, and State Senator Joe Boncore team up to weigh in on the Commission on the Future of Transportation’s report.

Boston Globe | December 3, 2018

Mexico City’s transit solution could be ours: better buses.

Alliance Board Members, Emily Reichert and Quincy Miller, pen a joint op-ed about the Alliance’s study tour to Mexico City and the potential of bus rapid transit.

WBUR | November 14, 2018

In Competition for Amazon, Boston Misses the Big One. Again.

Alliance Board Member, Jeff Bussgang, and Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, speak Boston’s ability to scale to attract business and retain workers.

Boston Business Journal | November 13, 2018

Viewpoint: HQ2 or no, Mass. must love itself before attracting others

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, pens an op-ed about the Massachusetts infrastructure in relation to Amazon’s HQ2 decision. She gives Boston some age old advice: you have to love yourself before someone can love you.

Boston Business Journal | November 5, 2018

Massachusetts Business Leaders see Transportation as a Key Election Issue

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, talks transportation and its importance to voters in the 2018 election.

Boston Globe | November 2, 2018

Ferries in Boston are really popular but about to get more expensive

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, discusses water transportation and the need for improved ferry systems.

Boston Globe Magazine | October 4, 2018

How the 2017 Women’s March woke ‘the old girls’ network’

Alliance Board Member, Andrea Silbert, and Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, were featured in this article discussing the importance of leaving the ladder down to create progressive change.

Medium | October 4, 2018

Transportation in Massachusetts: Don’t Let the Bubble of Certainty Explode

Alliance President Jesse Mermell wrote an op-ed about seizing the moment in the conversation around transportation in Massachusetts. “Virtually every business group across MA has identified transportation as a top priority.”

Brookline Wicked Local | September 21, 2018

Guest Commentary: Keep Mass. Plugged in to clean energy

Alliance President Jesse Mermell wrote an op-ed about the economic potential of clean energy and the need to continue investing: “use our thriving clean energy industry to create jobs, support our environment, & keep Massachusetts on top.”

The Boston Globe | September 10, 2018

In youth vote, a force for change is ready — and waiting — to be activated

Alliance board member, Alan Solomont, describes the catalyst-like nature of the youth vote and its impact on election cycles.

The Boston Globe | August 27, 2018

Touting of balanced T budget rings hollow to frustrated commuters

Alliance member Daniel Danielson discusses how although fiscal responsibility is important as the MBTA balanced its budget it’s more important that commuters have a reliable service.

The Boston Globe | August 22, 2018

Advancing women of color should be a key factor in a company’s strategy

In marks of Black Women’s Pay day Alliance board member Collette Philips co-authors a piece discussing how to advance diversity in the workplace.

Boston Business Journal | August 16, 2018

Viewpoint: Why the Green Line extension will help business

Alliance members Emily Kanter and Caleb Dean (Cambridge Naturals), write about the opportunity for small businesses and residents.

Boston Globe | July 25, 2018

Mass TLC supports a half-baked awards process, once again

Alliance President Jesse Mermell joined ABL current and former Board members C.A. Webb and Diane Hessan, and others, to call for gender diversity in slates of award nominees.

Medium | July 24,2018

Commonwealth Ave construction round two, the true test of success for MassDOT

Alliance Senior Director of Policy and Programming Meagan Greene discusses the success of the Commonwealth Ave construction project.

The Salem News | July 17, 2018

Salem Mayor is right on transportation

Alliance Co-op, Farah Alfahad, writes a letter to the editor about the importance of investing in transportation.

Boston Globe | July 15, 2018

Boston-area growth hemmed in by suburban housing crunch

Alliance member, Nancy Murphy from Sungage Financial, penned a letter about how housing is impacting her ability to hire at work.

Boston Business Journal | June 28, 2018

Viewpoint: Mayors climate summit should kick off more energy, transportation investments

Alliance Board Member, Dr. Emily Reichert, writes about about clean energy and transportation: “Investing in clean energy is the right thing to do for us and for future generations, but that’s not all. It’s also the best path forward for businesses, large and small. Clean energy and innovative transportation investments will create jobs, spur economic growth and further cement Massachusetts as a global clean energy leader.”

The Boston Globe  | June 28, 2018

How progressives and businesses made an unlikely deal on family leave

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, discusses paid leave and business.

Watertown Wicked Local | June 25, 2018

Crafting a stronger clean energy future for Massachusetts

Alliance Board Secretary, Bev Armstrong, makes the case for clean energy in Massachusetts

Boston Globe | June 15, 2018

Regional transit approach should embrace the whole Commonwealth

Alliance President, Jesse Mermell, letter to the editor about regional transportation. “Massachusetts is, after all, a Commonwealth. The fates of our residents are intertwined, and few challenges of civic life demonstrate this as clearly as transportation does.”

Lowell Sun | June 6, 2018

Leap into offshore wind race puts Bay State in the lead

Alliance staff, Meagan Greene, talks off-shore ind in the Lowell Sun op-ed: “This is the commonwealth’s chance to dominate the industry, and reap the economic and environmental benefits that follow.”Worcester Business Journal | May 30, 2018

Business target sex-buying, human trafficking 

Read about ABL’s support of Employers Against Sex Trafficking

Boston Globe | May 30, 2018

Signs of gloobal warming are piling up

Alliance Senior Director of Policy and Operations, Meagan Greene, talks about the connection between energy and economic growth.

Boston Business Journal | May 24, 2018

Viewpoint: Later school breakfasts needed to fuel our future

ABL Vice Chair, Andrea Silbert, for co-authors this op-ed in about the importance of kids having access to breakfast in schools

WBUR | May 23, 2018

Do High-Deductible Plans Make Even Cancer Care A Luxury

Alliance member, Rosemarie Day, speaks out on WBUR 90.9 FM about her own battle with breast cancer, and the importance of access to affordable health care.

Entrepreneur | May 23, 2018

The 4 Areas That Need to Change for Women to Achieve Equality in Business

Alliance’s Board Chair Beth Monaghan, discusses what changes need to be made for businesses to achieve equality.

Boston Globe | April 25, 2018

Help Wanted: Let’s be the best at social entrepreneurship

Alliance member, Diane Hessan, calls “for Massachusetts to be the best at inspiring and supporting a new generation of social entrepreneurs who want to change the world.

The Boston Globe | April 9, 2018

After a long hunt, ad agency Connelly Partners pulls off an acquisition in Dublin

Alliance’s board chair Beth Monaghan, board member Jeff Bussgang, and President Jesse Mermell discuss the role of The Alliance for Business Leadership.

Forbes | April 1, 2018

This Female Brewer Suggests These 3 Actions To Get Ahead In The Beer Industry

Alliance’s board member, Beverley Armstrong, discusses her journey in getting ahead in the Beer Industry.

The Boston Globe | March 26, 2018

Get Konnected marks milestone by honoring influential people of color

Alliance board member, Collette Philips, celebrates Get Konnected 10th anniversary Tuesday with an event to honor influential people of color in Boston.

Commonwealth | March 8, 2018

Time for action on pay equity for women

Alliance’s VP of Partnerships, Nai Collymore-Henry, stresses the importance of paid leave and a $15 minimum wage in reaching gender equality.

Business Insider | January 30, 2018

This former biotech executive left her day job to open her own brewery — and Samuel Adams is taking note

Alliance’s board member, Beverley Armstrong, discusses her journey in getting ahead in the Beer Industry.

Boston Magazine | January 9, 2018

Boston’s Great Connector: Who needs LinkedIn when you’ve got Colette Phillips?

Board member, Colette Phillips, discusses her work in diversity and inclusion and lessons she’s learned throughout her career.

Cambridge Wicked Local | January 5, 2018

LETTER: Dedicated bus lanes in Cambridge reduce our carbon footprint

Senior Director of Policy and Programming, Meagan Greene, discusses the impact of dedicated bus lanes.

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