Our members have one thing in common: they believe that social responsibility and sustainable economic growth go hand in hand.

Business leaders are uniquely positioned to make a positive change in the range of issues contributing to economic inequality and social mobility – progress that is both good for people and good for business. ABL works with business leaders like you to get smart on the issues that matter – issues like housing, transportation, clean energy, and workplace opportunity – and then engage in making real change out there in the real world.

ABL members are CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, small business owners, corporate executives, and mom & pop owners, coming together to build connections and lead in our community.

IN 2019…

  •  The Alliance was the first business organization to support Paid Family and Medical Leave, which was successfully implemented in 2019.
  • Our Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) study tour to Mexico City was the focus of a three-day WBUR series highlighting BRT, it’s potential in our region, and our commitment to transportation innovation.
  • We launched our first members-only Advisory Council for Climate and Energy, where you helped inform the ABL policy agenda and amplify progressive voices in policy discussions that matter to all of us.
  • We hosted innovative hands-on civic experiences like the “CEO bus ride” that took business leaders on a bus ride to show how investments in buses can make a significant impact on our transportation system while on their way to meet with the Mayor of Boston at City Hall; interactive discussions like our event focused on why Massachusetts can and should implement some of the ideas from the Amazon HQ2 proposal; and problem-solving events like our housing forum with Secretary Mike Kennely and Under Secretary Janelle Chan, in partnership with WBUR.

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