Rica Elysee

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About Rica

Rica Elysee is a committed entrepreneur in tech – she was a successful community organizer, marketer, and fundraising exec who had founded an influential beauty and makeup community for women of color in Boston. Rica was also helping take care of a disabled family member and she noticed how confident hair appointments made this family member feel – but it was hard to find accessible salons and to book and keep appointments. She noticed that most women in her beauty group faced similar problems – late or canceled appointments and long waits for beauty services. So she used her knowledge of the beauty industry, marketing and fundraising to try to solve the “beauty bookings” problem. Her startup, BeautyLynk (beautylynk.com) brings the beauty salon into women’s homes. She has also co-founded #AttheTable a curated dinner experience for female founders to build connections, resources and friends. Rica is dedicated to changing the world and lets her commitment drive her work.