Samar Hassan

About Samar

Samar S. Hassan is an innovator and forward thinker who brings timeless futuristic ideas and concepts to life. An international fashion designer, and the Owner and Proprietor of 33 Fusion a fashion design company, she is also an entrepreneur, humanitarian, researcher, social and dream analyst, co-Founder and Vice-President (VP) of creative affairs at the Z Gallery. A core member of Z Gallery’s leadership team, Samar fully adheres to its mission conceived to support local artists who see themselves as a business to make a living from    their craft.

Samar was born in Sudan and lived in multiple countries in Africa as a result of the civil war in Somalia that displaced thousands of people. When she was 15 years old her family settled in Massachusetts to pursue a life away from war and conflict in order to rebuild their lives. The most important aspect of her life, Samar states, “Is sharing her life experience with people, and learning their experiences to grow and connect with the rest of humanity.”

She is also a central member of the planning team, at Bartlett Station a mixed-use housing complex in Roxbury, MA. The planning process will create a public plaza vision and design, using artists who bring innovation to the project. The arts events will create buzz and momentum to support a capital campaign to raise the funds necessary for construction, which could range between $1 million and $2 million depending on the design. The arts and public art installation, is called Oasis @Bartlett. Furthermore, Samar is assisting to administer the Lower Roxbury Coalition, a community-based organization, with a budget of over $2 million dollars.

Samar has been involved in community building for many years, using her Arabic language to help the Arab immigrant and refugee population cross the language barrier, and find a home a way from home. A few years ago, Samar traveled to the Sudan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Egypt to pursue fashion, art, and launched a philanthropic initiative to help the homeless children. She led a food and clothes drive in her neighborhood in Khartoum, Sudan; to support families, and homeless children. Moreover, she supported and continues to work with local artists, specifically Sudan’s top visual artist, Mohamed Fadul.

As a firm believer that no minute should be wasted, and a commitment to perfection, Samar fully dedicates every minute to do important work that will help alleviate her being, and will make a difference in the world. Samar believes, she can use 33 Fusion to combine her life’s philosophy, and future vision, to connect people from various cultures and backgrounds using fashion as a platform to embrace differences. She explains, “33 fusion is an expression and a celebration of the world’s amazing diversity, underneath our ethnocentrism and prejudice, we are all a fusion, with at least 33 versions, wether we like it or not we will always be a part of one another, the human race.”

Samar’s commitment to economic development is partly informed by her mentors, Dumas F. Lafontant, Owner and Proprietor of the Goldmaker™, Author, and specialist, in African local economies and small- medium enterprise (SME), with a vision to eliminate poverty among children; and Wellington Nyangoni, Professor at Brandeis University, and specialist in African Economic Development, international political economy with an emphasis on the role of the United Nations Specialized Agencies, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization.

Samar earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and African and Afro American Studies, with a minor in Peace Conflict and Co-Existence Studies from Brandeis University in 2008, and two certificates, one in Arabic Interpreting, and the other in Project Management.